910 Bedford Highway

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910 Bedford Highway, at the intersection of Bedford Highway and Moirs Mill Road, is a prominent site in Bedford with unique natural features and views of the Bedford Basin. Working with the dramatic topography this mixed use building is built into the site and grows out of its natural context to form a sustainable, terraced architecture with gardens and decks overlooking the Bedford Basin. The commercial side of the building faces Bedford Highway, while the residential portion is accessible from a landscaped courtyard.

In order to achieve sustainability, durability, elegance and economy the systems within the building will be carefully integrated into the design. Aesthetics are achieved through building articulation, proportion, rhythm, tectonics, and materiality.

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Esquire Plaza

Esquire Plaza

Located in the heart of Bedford.

Prime retail location with excellent traffic volume.

12 units @ approximately 1k sq ft - Few units available 

5 cabins overlooking Bedford Basin available.

New units under development/construction.

For more information please call 902.493.3020 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Papermill Lake

papermill courtyard

At the southeast intersection of the Bicentennial Highway and Hammonds Plains Road, United Gulf’s Papermill Lake project is inspired by the ambiance typically found in European village centres. An intense design process involving the community, planners and several architectural firms resulted in the creation of conceptual designs that will provide a thorough mix of community amenities and uses.

The design of Papermill Lake offers retail, residential, office, cultural, civic, and hotel uses in close proximity to one another. The resultant mixed use neighborhood character provides a true live, work and play environment.

Current Status:

United Gulf’s development application for this project is currently on hold pending the completion of a sewerage and water study for the area.


 Our Future Communities Showcase


The Boss Plaza Residences

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United Gulf engaged with members of the local Fairview community to discuss community aspirations on the former High School site.

We listened to their desires; The Boss Plaza will be made up of four mixed-use residential and commercial buildings. The first floor of all the buildings will be commercial spaces and the rest of the floors will be residential.

For rental inquiries (residential or commercial), please visit TheBossPlaza.ca website


 Our Future Communities Showcase


Bungalow / 2 Storey Designs

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United Gulf Construction is building new bungalows and 2-storey homes on lots in Glen Arbour and Voyaguer Lakes, Hammonds Plains.

Few lots available.

For all inquiries, please fill in this form:


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